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  • Discuss your current writing process, goals, challenges, and next steps.

  • Brainstorm main questions, ideas, arguments, and stories--even if you haven't started writing yet.

  • Free initial 30-minute consultations are available for new clients.

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Developmental Editing

  • Substantive feedback on big-picture concerns, such as your project's argument, evidence, organization, and scholarly contributions.

  • Suggestions tailored to the expectations of your discipline, genre, and audience (such as a grant review panel, academic journal editor, or doctoral supervisor).

  • Resources and strategies to support your long-term growth as a writer.


Please note the following boundaries of my services:

  • I do not provide ghost-writing services, and I am only available to review text that you wrote yourself. 

  • Due to ethical concerns, I do not work with writers who are enrolled in for-profit universities. (To find out whether your university is a for-profit institution, click here.) If you have concerns about your experience in a for-profit program, please visit Harvard Law School's Predatory Student Lending project for guidance, support, and legal representation.

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