I offer half-day, full-day, and multi-day instructional workshops for university classes, orientations, and training events. In addition to the options listed below, I am available to design custom workshops that best fit your department's needs. To inquire about scheduling, rates, and webinar options, please contact me at


Custom Workshop: Focus on Your Discipline & Genre

• Discuss the specific characteristics of successful writing in your academic discipline

• Analyze the conventions of writing in a specific genre (such as a journal article or grant proposal)

• Practice reading, discussing, and emulating models of successful writing in your discipline and genre


Faculty Workshop: How to Help Students Write

• Discuss current scholarly research on writing pedagogy, from classroom instruction to one-on-one mentoring

• Learn evidence-based strategies for developing writing assignments, communicating your expectations, providing constructive feedback, teaching peer review, and preventing plagiarism

• Practice hands-on exercises you can use in your graduate or undergraduate classroom

The Craft of Academic Writing

• Discuss common challenges and basic strategies for successful writing in graduate school

• Learn five key moves of academic writing, illustrated with examples from your discipline

• Practice editing sentences for grammar and clarity

• Find resources for additional support: handbooks, online guides, ESL resources, and campus services


Revision & Editing 

• Learn strategies for big-picture revision: clarifying arguments, paragraph cohesion, and organization

• Review and discuss samples of academic writing at multiple stages of revision

• Discuss strategies for responding to critical feedback from advisors and peers

• Practice using handbooks and web resources to edit for grammar and sentence clarity


Strategies for International & Multilingual Writers

• Learn common expectations for scholarly writing in US academic cultures

• Discuss common challenges of communicating in English as an additional language

• Review examples of professional “supporting genres”: emails, queries, requests, and more.

• Practice using handbooks and web resources to edit for grammar and sentence clarity

• Learn where to find additional support with written and oral communication


Exchanging Peer Feedback

• Learn strategies for giving and seeking constructive feedback on work in progress

• Review and discuss examples of focused, generative comments

• Practice supporting your peers in guided peer review sessions

About the Instructor:

Dr. Sara Saylor holds a PhD in English from the University of Texas at Austin and has 15 years of experience teaching and editing academic writing. As a private writing consultant and former coordinator of a university-wide writing program for graduate students, Dr. Saylor has supported faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and hundreds of dissertation writers. In each workshop, Dr. Saylor encourages participants to strengthen their writing practices through research-based strategies, hands-on experience, and open communication.